Nissan Cube Engine, MPG, Interior

Nissan Cube, mini MPV from Japanese auto producer Nissan, was not known in the North American or European market until 2009. However, the model was in production since 1998, and sold exclusively in Japan for two generations. Starting its third generation Nissan decided to broad the sales markets of the model by launching it on two more continents. This turns out to be hit and a miss. Sales of the Nissan Cube in Europe was poor, and Japanese brand decided to withdraw the small MPV from this market back in 2011, while the end of Cube’s life in North America was declared last year, 2014.

Nissan Cube Front

Nissan Cube DESIGN

Exterior of the Nissan Cube is quite unique and distinctive from other vehicles from its class. The model’s unusual look doesn’t follow the trends in automotive markets, and we believe it was the main cause of its low results in US and Europe. Competing with strong rivals, such as Kia Soul, Scion xB and Honda Fit, Cube simply had no chance. Even though its specs could parry these rivals, design of the model was lacking behind. The Nissan Cube, however, managed to defeat all the rivals with only one thing – cargo room. Even though all models fall into the same category, somehow they all offer less luggage space than strange-looking Cube.

Design of the model is pretty clear, and it resembles the most to its name – the Cube. It is boxy, high vehicle, offering enough room for five passengers, and enough cargo room to carry all their stuff. Its design is leaning more towards functionality than anything other. It comes with hinged rear hatch which allows it to open along its vertical axis. This makes loading and unloading in urban surrounding much easier.

Interior design is just as simple and practical as exterior is. There is more than enough room, and it is equipped quite well, but the model’s layout is not stunning at all. Materials are also in correspondence with low price of the model, which is yet another problem. For additional $1000 or two, customers have much more modern options to choose from.

Nissan Cube Interior

Nissan Cube ENGINE

Under Cube’s hood is placed a 1.8-liter DOHC 16-valve 4-cylinder engine with output rates of 122 hp and 127 lb/ft of torque. Depending on trim, and you personal choice, the power from the engine will be transferred to front wheels, via either 6-speed manual (standard on base Cube) or Xtronic CVT (optional on base, and standard on upper trim).

Fuel economy of the Nissan Cube with CVT is rated by EPA at 27/31 mpg city/highway, and with manual at 25/30 mpg.

Nissan Cube Rear

Nissan Cube PRICE

Last edition of the Nissan Cube, sold as 2014 model, was available in two trims. Those include base S and upper SL. Starting MSRP was $16,700 for the Nissan Cube S and $19,000 for the SL.

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