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2017 Ford Super Chief price, reveiw

2017 Ford Super Chief front

For people who have been asking if the new 2017 Ford Super Chief is coming, this probably could be some of the biggest news of the year. Set to be launched somewhere in 2016 and regarded as a future pick-up, this new 2017 model is expected to change the way we have always viewed out trucks. Here is what we expect to see once this new truck is officially introduced to the public.

2017 Shelby Baja 700 exterior, interior

2017 Shelby Baja 700 front

For those complaining the disappearance of the previous Ford Raptor and those who can’t hold on until the new vehicle arrives for 2017, then fear not. The manufacturing company, Shelby Performance that has spent the past 5 decades building the most powerful vehicles the world has ever known, has now turned attention off-road and moved to a Raptor model . The result is the 2017 Shelby Baja 700, and it is the closest vehicle to all-terrain car since Lamborghini produced LM002 nearly over 30 years ago.

2017 Ford Ranger price, interior, engine

2016 Ford Ranger Front

The 2017 Ford Ranger is basically a pick-up truck that is currently under construction by the American automobile giant, Ford Motors Corporation. It is currently being designed for enhanced performance, less fuel consumption, more towing capacity, and maximum comfort during driving. Its features and other intricate details are expounded on below.

2016 Ford Raptor Interior, Engine, Performance

2016 Ford Raptor Front

Passage Raptor is thought to be the most grounded contender which is outfitted with a substantial obligation engine. The 2016 Ford Raptor will accompany some slight changes. 2016 Ford Raptor is the ideal choice of towing substantial burdens. It’s a pickup truck which has a considerable measure of components of extravagance vehicles. The 2016 Ford Raptor has a few changes regarding its interior and exterior. 2016 Ford Raptor is implied for the agriculturists and truck darlings. This auto has a powerful engine which quickens at a fast. 

2017 Ford F250 Review, Engine, Price

2017 Ford F250 Front

The 2017 Ford F250 is a product of American car manufacturer Ford. Ford have dominated the truck and car market in the United States for over 60 years. Those many years of dominance have provided them with valuable experience. The Ford F-series are super-duty trucks, therefore, some of the best-selling truck brands in the United States. The 2017 Ford F250 is a next generation heavy-duty pick-up truck that makes use of smart technologies. The truck is an automobile masterpiece.

2017 Ford Ranger Review, Interior

2017 Ford Ranger Front

Since the model will get a small facelift for 2016 model year, 2017 Ford Ranger will probably be available in the same variant as its predecessor. It is hard to talks about precise details regarding engine specs, since Ford hasn’t revealed the 2016 model still, but information are available. Automakers usually make a plan of their future facelifts and redesigns, so it is easier to keep up. Ranger is one of the best-sellers from Ford’s truck line-up, and is one of the models with widest sale market.

2016 Ford F250 release date, specs

2016 Ford F250 Front

2016 Ford F250 will definitely set a new benchmark in the trucks segment. This Super Duty truck comes with numerous refreshments to improve its performance, efficiency and overall appearance. This classic truck is built upon a reputation of innovation, comfort and capability. It represents the most newest entry in the elite-plus class of the highest performing trucks. There are the details:

2017 Ford Super Duty redesign

2017 Ford Super Duty Front

New 2017 Ford Super Duty will start the new generation of Ford’s heavy duty pickup truck. The model was already spotted on the streets during testing with heavy camouflage on. Its F-series trucks are the bestselling vehicle series in the US market. Main reason for such a good sale results are its Super Duty pickups, which turn out to be one of the most desirable trucks on the market. This is also one of the reasons why Ford works so patiently on new generation. 2017 Ford Super Duty is expected to continue five-year long success in being the most profitable branch of the Ford’s vehicle line-up.

2016 Ford Ranger price, specs

2016 Ford Ranger Front

New 2016 Ford Ranger gets a facelift for this model year. Its sales continues in 180 markets worldwide. Production for Asia Pacific markets is done in Thailand. Plant in South Africa supplies African and European markets, while Argentina is its production place for the Latin American markets. Being so, Ford has a lot of responsibility when it comes to Ranger’s styling and engines, but also a lot of risks, since its sales market is so extensive. What exactly is changed, compared to 2016 Ford Ranger predecessor? Let’s review it:

2017 Ford Raptor price, interior, engine

2017 Ford Raptor Front

Unlike few previous model years, new 2017 brings exciting news for Ford’s pick-up truck Raptor. The model had its debut back in 2010, and instantly grabbed sympathies from big market crowd. 2017 Ford Raptor will go through big redesign, and its producers gave a first glimpse of what we can expect from the model, showcasing it at this year Detroit Auto Show. It’s only second generation will bring significant upgrades for already great pick-up truck. Let’s review changes we can expect from it: