2019 Mercedes GLT

Mercedes-Benz have announced in typical fashion an entirely new vehicle 2019 Mercedes GLT specifically targeted at the premium pick up market. It was made public by Volker Mornhinweg, who is the head of Mercedes van division. He stated that this will not be “a fat cowboy truck for North America”. This will be a smaller truck in the mid-size range and the aim is expected to be at the South American, African, Middle Eastern and European markets.

2019 Mercedes GLT front
2019 Mercedes GLT Exterior and Interior

The body and frame of the new vehicle will be based on a Nissan design but with more Mercedes like lines to give it that luxury look. The front and rear lighting arrays will have LED technology giving better night vision. The bumpers and all chrome grille will have a curved but solid look surrounding the iconic manufacturer’s signature badge. All models will be four door with 17 inch alloy wheels.
Inside the cabin the specifications and design are very much Mercedes in style with the emphasis on luxury. Space is expected to be ample and the materials chosen are said to “exceed typical pick standards”. The steering wheel and seats are designed for comfort in quality leather. Each seat will have an independent heating unit plus there is climate control and air conditioning. All of the latest available technology will be included; wireless connectivity, USB connections, satellite radio, speaker and entertainment system, navigation and touch screen control. For safety and security there are airbags, a tracking system, a theft alarm and the latest in lock technology.

2019 Mercedes GLT rear
2019 Mercedes GLT Engine Specifications

Details of powertrain design and power output are somewhat sketchy at present. What is known is that there will be a six speed manual transmission offered with the option of an automatic seven speed gearbox. Bearing in mind the different markets that Mercedes is looking to sell this particular range of mid-sized trucks in, it is very likely that there will be quite a choice of quality engineering made available of both four and six cylinder petrol and diesel options. A possible configuration that has been rumored is a 2.1L turbo version which would give a 170 horse power equivalent output.

2019 Mercedes GLT interior
2019 Mercedes GLT Price and Release Date

It is a little early to know exactly what the new truck will cost but speculation is putting it in the range of $35,000 for the lowest priced model. Release dates have not been announced as yet, however it is expected that the vehicle will be on sale in show forecourts sometime in late 2018.

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