2017 Shelby Baja 700 exterior, interior

For those complaining the disappearance of the previous Ford Raptor and those who can’t hold on until the new vehicle arrives for 2017, then fear not. The manufacturing company, Shelby Performance that has spent the past 5 decades building the most powerful vehicles the world has ever known, has now turned attention off-road and moved to a Raptor model . The result is the 2017 Shelby Baja 700, and it is the closest vehicle to all-terrain car since Lamborghini produced LM002 nearly over 30 years ago.

2017 Shelby Baja 700 front

2017 Shelby Baja 700 Exterior and Interior

2017 Shelby Baja 700 exteriorly, the vehicle has an ordinary truck. One of the most unique and noticeable feature of the truck is that a front bumper has been substituted with a pipe frame that makes the vehicle look very menacing. The new frame has LED light bars which makes the model look more aggressively. On the front area there will be mesh guards that can protect the LED light shells thus enhancing the menacing look of new 2017 Shelby Baja. The use of LED front lights has enhanced visibility meaningfully because the lights are much superior compared to traditional halogen lights. At the rear end, the factory bumper has been replaced with a custom steel unit which comes with stainless steel rivets and LED light pods a. 2017 Shelby Baja 700 there is also a dual chrome exhausting tips at the lower area which are situated on the right end panel thus making the vehicle more elegant. The 2017 Shelby Baja 700 has 18 inch wheels which are well wrapped with K02 for all terrain. The tires are contributory in allowing the truck look sporty and also make the truck able to navigate in tough terrains without struggle. The vehicle body structure has been made by use of tough and light materials which are meant to reduce the general weight of the vehicle. Additionally, the chassis has new design which will help in reduction of the total weight of the vehicle.

Interiorly the new 2017 Shelby Baja 700 will have leather covered seats which have black and blue colors thus making the interior look cool and elegant . The seats are incorporated with modern technology which can be adjusted to enable customers of different sizes can comfortably fit. The truck is also fitted with in dash Sync infotainment panel which works with modern connecting options such as smart phone integration and USB ports. On the interior of the truck it will also have a modern HVAC system that will be responsible for moderating temperatures. The safety belts and auto airbags found in the 2017 Shelby Baja 700 are the safety features fitted in the track.

2017 Shelby Baja 700 rear

2017 Shelby Baja 700 Engine

2017 Shelby Baja 700 the engine and fuel economy is one of the main talking points of the truck. Its power train uses a 6.2 l V8 unit that can generate an output power of 700 HP and a torque of 584 lb-ft. The unit is paired with a 6 speed auto transmission that will be available in either 2 or all-wheel drive system. The engine will have a top speed of as high as 135 mph and in less than four seconds it can accelerate from 0 to 60 miles per hour.

2017 Shelby Baja 700 interior

2017 Shelby Baja 700 Price and Release Date

2017 Shelby Baja 700 the extra ordinary truck is expected to make be available in the marketplace during the third quarter of 2016 and will be having a base price of about $ 40, 000.

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