2017 Ford Ranger price, interior, engine

The 2017 Ford Ranger is basically a pick-up truck that is currently under construction by the American automobile giant, Ford Motors Corporation. It is currently being designed for enhanced performance, less fuel consumption, more towing capacity, and maximum comfort during driving. Its features and other intricate details are expounded on below.

2016 Ford Ranger Front

2017 Ford Ranger Exterior Features

The exterior of the automobile shall be adored with elegant features which shall be composed of brand new body style with a physique outline; four doors; redesigned lamps; tinted windows; amazing bumpers; the use of high safe materials, such as steel and aluminum for the construction of the body/chassis; chrome grille; LED headlights; taillights; and front raise guards.

2016 Ford Ranger Interior

2017 Ford Ranger Interior Features

2017 Ford Ranger shall feature a well-furnished and spacious interior which shall be capable of accommodating up to five passengers and shall comprise among other things: very comfortable seats that are upholstered with leather; spacious headroom and leg rooms; a fancy dashboard; a multimedia entertainment system which consists of a music player, CD player, built-in speakers, an LCD screen, air conditioning unit, and FM radio; and a front camera.

2017 Ford Ranger Engine and Transmission

The 2017 Ford Ranger shall have three different types of engines depending upon the trim levels. These engines shall be: a 2.2-liters V4 diesel engine that shall generate 375 pounds-feet of torque and 147 horsepower; 2.5-liters V4 gas engine that shall generate 375 pounds-feet of torque and 163 horsepower; and a 3.5-liters V5 diesel engine that shall generate 225 pounds-feet of torque and 197 horsepower. All the three types of engines shall be mounted onto a six-speed automatic transmission.

2017 Ford Ranger Safety and Navigational Features

The safety and navigation of the 2017 Ford Ranger shall be enhanced by several features such as airbags for minimizing injuries during impacts; antilock brakes system which enhances the stability of the vehicle when braking during high speed; back camera to aid in reversing the car more effectively; craze caution; a front camera to aid in steering the car forward; an immobilizer which prevents unauthorized ignition of the engine occasioned by thefts or robberies; a solidity handle; a truck influence manage system, just to mention but a few!

2016 Ford Ranger Rear

2017 Ford Ranger Fuel Consumption and Performance

The average fuel consumption of the 2017 Ford Ranger shall be around 25 miles per gallon for city travels and 30 miles per gallon for highway travels.

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