2016 Suzuki Equator Engine, Review, News

According to some rumors 2016 Suzuki Equator will mark big return of the mid-size pickup truck, produced by Nissan in the US. The model was originally launched back in 2008, as a 2009 model, but it was soon discontinued. Back in 2012, American Suzuki Motor Corp. declared bankruptcy, and that meant the end for the Equator as we know it. Few years later, we have slightly different situation. The model seems to be making a big comeback, while its specs will continue to be based on the Nissan’s Frontier.

2016 Suzuki Equator Front

2016 Suzuki Equator DESIGN

Like we mentioned just above, 2016 Suzuki Equator will be based on the Frontier, and will share various similarities with the model. Having in mind that Nissan’s pickup recently went through the redesign, and it was fully modernized, expect nothing less from the Equator. Two models will be based on the same platform, with minor styling cues which will differentiate them.

Speaking about the difference, new is expected to feature completely overhauled front end, with interesting new grill, LED headlights Equator, and rear end. Overall body shape will mimic the Frontier’s. Some of its strong sides will continue to be incorporated into the design and performance of the model.

Same body styles as before will be included into the offer, including four seat Extended Cab or a five seat Crew Cab. New Equator will also include some new technologies, in order to enhance some of its segments. One of them is a noise reduction, from the engine itself and from the outside, which will be achieved with sound proofing materials. Interior will be highly equipped and nicely designed. Practical solution will play a big role in its design, so expect 2016 Suzuki Equator to be functional to its fullest.

2016 Suzuki Equator Interior

2016 Suzuki Equator ENGINE SPECS

Engine choices are still not revealed, but we expect the tradition to continue. This means that 2016 Suzuki Equator will share the powertrain with the Frontier, proving same performances. This time, though, Suzuki may go a step further regarding its performance specs. This means we can expect engine to be tuned slightly more, and payloads to be higher than the Frontier’s.

Therefore, 2016 Suzuki Equator should come with 2.5-liter four-cylinder engine as base one. Thi unit produces 152 horsepower and 171 pound-feet of torque for Frontier, but expect small power boost for the upcoming Equator. Second choice is optional 4.0-liter V6 engine that delivers 261 hp and 281 lb-ft of torque.

Transmission choices are expected to include 6-speed manual and automatic option, while both 4×2 and 4×4 will be offered.

2016 Suzuki Equator Rear

2016 Suzuki Equator PRICE AND RELEASE DATE

Pricing specs are not known, but considering that the model is making re-entrance into the market, its base price tag is expected to be highly competitive. This means we can expect new model to start around $17,000-$18,000. Release date can’t be expected before late 2015, or even early on next, when the producer could present the new model at some international auto show.

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