2016 Honda Odyssey release, review

It is pretty clear that Honda’s minivan Odyssey will go through severe redesign, starting a new generation, but the precise model year of its launch is still not clearly established. According to some sources, new era of the minivan will start with 2016 Honda Odyssey, but others claim that Honda will not launch it before 2017 MY. Having in mind the spy shots of the model, as well as its 5-year generation cycle, 2016 MY, to us, seems like a more logical answer.

2016 Honda Odyssey Front

2016 Honda Odyssey CHANGES

Big fuss about the new Odyssey comes from its big popularity. Honda’s minivan has been among favorite choices of both customers and experts. This redesign comes on time, in order to refresh the look, enhance the performance, all in favor to keep its top position on the market. Its key competitors, including Kia Sedona and Toyota Sienna, already refreshed or redesigned their models, so it is Honda’s turn to make an offer buyers will not be able to reject.

Platform of the upcoming 2016 Honda Odyssey will most likely stay the same. Undercarriage of the model is shared with both Pilot SUV and Acura MDX, and it served them both great, so changes in construction will be minimal to none. Some new materials, or even a hybrid variant of the Odyssey, will likely make the cut. Styling of the new Odyssey s expected to feature more aggressive and angular front face, as well as more aerodynamic and modern body shape. Interior changes will include better quality of materials, as well as more features. Numerous driver assist aids are expected to be available along with AWD.

2016 Honda Odyssey Interior

2016 Honda Odyssey ENGINE AND MPG

Engine specs of the model are not revealed yet, but we expect majority of changes to be related to some engine upgrades, rather than all-new ones. The most probable engine for new Odyssey minivan is Honda’s 3.5-liter V-6 which offers output of 290 horsepower and 270 lb-ft of torque. Will this be the only option? It is hard to state yet. Power from the engine will be transmitted to wheels via ZF-sourced 9-speed automatic transmission. This is not confirmed yet by Honda’s officials, but based on the spy shots which appeared online, experts state that we can expect it.

2016 Honda Odyssey Rear


New model is not expected to appear before next year, 2016. Some sources even claim that Honda may launch the model for 2017 model year. Pricing specs will be known as we get closer to its release, but 2016 Honda Odyssey is estimated to stay close to current gen price, meaning its base trim should start around $30,000.

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