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2016 Toyota Tundra diesel, changes, release

2016 Toyota Tundra Front

A lot of news is published about the upcoming 2016 Toyota Tundra. This full size pickup truck will start the generation with this model year, and it will bring various changes, amongst them is the new Diesel engine. Besides this great addition to Tundra’s engine line-up, new generation also bring some changes in Tundra’s look and feel. Its styling components will not be majorly different, nor will its construction materials.

2016 Nissan Titan release date, price, review

2016 Nissan Titan Front

New 2016 Nissan Titan comes fully redesigned for this model year. Besides design upgrades and modernization, new Titan also has some performance updates. Previously unpopular diesel units returned on the market in high speeds, forcing manufacturers to add some diesel units to the line-up. Nissan answered to customer’s demand for diesel units, and added one to its latest 2016 Titan pick-up truck.

2016 Dodge Dakota pickup truck

2016 Dodge Dakota Front

2016 Dodge Dakota is expected to mark the return of the mid-size pickup truck produced by Dodge truck division, or Chrysler’s Ram. The model is also known under the name Ram Dakota. Its production lasted from 1987 up to 2011. In that period Dakota received various awards for its design and performance, and was nominated for North American Truck of the Year award. It was used by police and fire departments for off road ride which shows the quality it owned.

2016 Honda Ridgeline release, pictures, price

2016 Honda Ridgeline sketch

Many people are interested in 2016 Honda Ridgeline, mainly due to the fact that this model will be fully redesigned and start a new generation in the production life of the popular pickup truck. Wide public seen the sketch of the model first, and shortly after that, spy photographers managed to catch the model testing with camouflage on. Even though the 2016 Ridgeline was fully disguised, its high level changes are noticeable. Here are the most important specs and changes we can expect from it:

2016 Ford Ranger price, specs

2016 Ford Ranger Front

New 2016 Ford Ranger gets a facelift for this model year. Its sales continues in 180 markets worldwide. Production for Asia Pacific markets is done in Thailand. Plant in South Africa supplies African and European markets, while Argentina is its production place for the Latin American markets. Being so, Ford has a lot of responsibility when it comes to Ranger’s styling and engines, but also a lot of risks, since its sales market is so extensive. What exactly is changed, compared to 2016 Ford Ranger predecessor? Let’s review it:

2016 Toyota Tacoma specs, price

2016 Toyota Tacoma Front

Amazing pick-up truck from one of the largest worldwide companies is fully redesigned for new model year. 2016 Toyota Tacoma comes with changes made on its styling and performance. Its look and size will make a big difference between the predecessors and new model. Starting with 2016 Toyota Tacoma, popular pick-up truck starts its third generation. Here are its most important specs:

2017 Ford Raptor price, interior, engine

2017 Ford Raptor Front

Unlike few previous model years, new 2017 brings exciting news for Ford’s pick-up truck Raptor. The model had its debut back in 2010, and instantly grabbed sympathies from big market crowd. 2017 Ford Raptor will go through big redesign, and its producers gave a first glimpse of what we can expect from the model, showcasing it at this year Detroit Auto Show. It’s only second generation will bring significant upgrades for already great pick-up truck. Let’s review changes we can expect from it:

2017 Nissan Navara

2017 Nissan Navara predecesor Front

Known pick-up truck in most markets and perhaps not so famous in USA, will go through small facelift for this model year. 2017 Nissan Navara belongs to D23 Series which started back in 2014, as a 2015 model and 12th generation. In the USA Navara goes by Frontier, but the two are not exactly the same models. Both are adjusted to market’s demand, and Frontier will be covered via separate review. Robust exterior and great towing rates are some of main characteristics of the Navara model, and this trend continues with new 2017 model. However, few new things are expected.

2016 Ram 1500 – Rebel, diesel, changes

2016 Ram 1500 Front

2016 Ram 1500 will come with some mild refreshments made on its styling. Besides this, new model year also brings a new trim added to already long list of choices. The Ram 1500 truck review  is probably one of the most complicated ones, and this is why: The model is available in Regular, Quad and Crew Cab versions. Regular Cab is available with 8-foot and 6-foot 4-inch boxes, Quad Cab only with 6-foot 4-inch box, and Crew Cab with 5-foot 7-inch and 6-foot 4-inch boxes. 2016 Ram 1500 Regular Cab with 8-foot box is available in 4 trims, while the version with the 6-foot 4-inch box comes available in 6 trim levels. Moving on, the Quad Cab, which offers only one box length, but 7 trims. Crew Cab version with 5-foot 7-inch box is available in 10 trims, including new Rebel, and version with 6-foot 4-inch box in 8.